Preconstruction Services

Knight Construction’s Preconstruction Services consists of two areas of expertise – cost estimating and value engineering.   Our construction process begins here with trust, allowing us to fully involve our team early in the process.

Cost Estimating

Working directly with our owners/developers, we are able to provide a very reliable preliminary cost estimate from the outset.  During the plan development stage, Knight Construction will offer a detailed cost analysis of materials and delivery methods to allow our clients to make informed decisions on how best to proceed in terms of cost and quality.

Value Engineering

Although our cost-estimating services are extremely accurate, we never stop looking for ways to operate in a more efficient manner for our clients.  At the end of the day, it is our responsibility to deliver the highest-quality project for the best price.  One of Knight Construction’s greatest strengths is its value engineering expertise.  Once we have analyzed a project in the preconstruction phase, we then are able to offer our client alternative recommendations on materials and methods.  We will offer cost-saving measures in the context of their impacts to the overall construction quality.